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Commercial Office FurnitureCommercial Office Furniture and Ergonomics

Commercial Office Furniture Ergonomics is the understanding of people’s interactions to the many elements of the workplace. Commercial furnishings, accessories and workflow floor planning all play an important role in achieving great ergonomic design. People will respond positively, be more productive, creative and innovative.

It’s been studied, researched and proven – there is a relationship between workspace design and people’s performance. Streamline Interiors Inc identifies opportunities that supercharge your work environment. Call us for a free consultation.  416.255.2575 or 905.503.6577

Improve Performance

Ergonomics is much more than a chair and keyboard. The right commercial office furniture and floor space planning can create workplace focus, encourage collaboration and engagement. Streamline knows the design factors that improve performance and best promote positive workplace culture.

Streamline’s 3 Steps to Optimization

Streamline’s approach is cost lean, highly productive, on time and on budget. Streamline eliminates for you the numerous “meetings”, “negotiations”, “contracts” and “time management” costs.

Streamline Interiors Inc space analysisStreamline total project and resources management.

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Call us for a free consultation.  416.255.2575 or 905.503.6577