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Your organization evolves.

Streamline the Optimized Interiors Experts

With change comes the need to rethink your floor plan space and workflow to make renewed gains in productivity. Streamline’s 3 Steps to Optimization is to “Consult and Analyze”, “Present the Plan” and “Execute the Plan”.

Streamline is very lean on costs. We achieve a 30% gain in labour productivity alone with our 3 step optimizing process. Streamline saves you all of those internal time management hours, project and administration costs, and frustrations. We will be on time and on budget.

Streamline’s 3 Steps to Space Optimization

1  Consult and Analyze

Streamline will assess your space and workflow limitations.

Streamline provides a comprehensive assessment and analysis. You will review a proposal that works for you needs. Your Streamline Interiors consultation is free.

Streamline Interiors Optimization Plan

2   Present the Plan

Streamline will determine the most productive, cost effective course of action.

Your project and needs are unique, so is your Streamline plan.

  • Present the floor plans, existing and proposed.
  • Determine what services and products are required.
  • Review project costs, proposed scheduling and logistics.

Streamline will present the proposal with detailed “before and after” floor plans. Then we’ll outline how to manage the project, scheduling, logistics, materials and resources.

All your needs. One Source.

3   Execute the Plan

Streamline executes the complex logistics for managing your change. Project communications are direct, central and very responsive. You will get “up to the moment” project updates through to completion.

We deliver on time and on budget.  When all is done, you just turn on the lights and start your day.